12 mai 2008


takes me back
to the fields where i smiled
and i cried, and i lived
and i priced
every moment
every blue book
every angry flower

infinity takes a bite of it
breaks it's teeth

choose that sign
follow that star
where will it take us?
where is nowhere?
what means duty?
it's always as easy...
freedom of choice
too much weight on our shoulders...

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-DE- spunea...

in my mind's corners
forgotten shadows,
never ending stories
rise always from melted memories.

small things we left behind,
collide in forbidden realms of our minds
never found enough to please,
tricky answers, broken ways.

the right to choose made us weak,
choices, lost of our faith,
close encounters, smoked evenings
memories for a life time,feelings!

it's all behind,
it's all inside,
heavens gonna sleep,
eyes'll close deep.