6 decembrie 2007

Leapsa :: Za Tag

Am primit leapsa asta de la dragutele de DUDE. Scuze dudelor de intarziere, abia azi am vazut leapsa. In ultimul timp am dat mai rar pe mon propre blog:P Si felicitari pt alegerea subiectului. E fain. Ok, acu sa trecem la chestionarea propriului eu... RING RING!!

1. Male friend: hard to decide...
2. Female friend: Joana & Delia
3. Vacation: pe munte
4. Age: 20
5. Memory: pending... (in a positive way)


1. Time of day: 6.30, cand suna ceasu:D
2. Day of the week: Marti
3. Food: creier
4. Memory: some stupid trip...


1. Person you saw: umm... nush cum o chema:D
2. Person you talked to on the phone: Mishi
3. Hugged: my sis
4. Text messaged: Criss
5: IM: Mishi

1. What did you do: am fo la toate cursurile (minune)
2. Who were you with: colejii mei invatzacei & Mr Vladu
3. Bad/Good day: gooooood
4. Lost something: my mind...
5. Fall out with someone: not that i remember:P


1. What are you doing now: imi cad ochii in gura
2. Today in general: a lot of skul, sleeping, singing, eating, movie-ing
3. Wearing: my sexiest outfit:P
4. What did you eat for lunch: mushrooms & chicken
5. Better than yesterday: no


1. Is: Friday
2. Got any plans: i hate plans, but... sleep, sleep, sleep, maybe some studying... and a movie?
3. Getting Lucky: dunno
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: lenea ce-o sa fie
5. Do you have work: hoho... si inca cum:P


1. Number: 12
2. Song: pt azi: The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out
3. Colour: burgund, black, aubergine, red
4. Season: depends... right now: autumn; usual: spring; rarely: summer; never: winter
5. State: La France, toujours la France...


1. With someone: no
2. Missing someone: ma conscience...
3. Mood: dizzy, confused
4. Wanting: fckin get some sleep... (as usual)

Oki, doki... done! Leapsa mai departe o pasam la Monsieur Mishi... ;) Si acu... la culcare!! Tye tye!

2 comentarii:

super_rainbow spunea...

Heey ai fost la Nathalie? Huh trebuia sa vad mai repede sa ne intalnim :P Liked it? :D

Susana spunea...

Las, don't worry, or mai fi si alte ocazii...:D
Kinda liked it... (vezi postul)